5 Stars: “[…] As in previous years, the estate Riesling „Sauvage“ is very strong, with a lot of concentration and structure and beautifully restrained fruit, but full of purity. […] The single-vineyard wines are once again very full-bodied, fascinatingly persistent and unique in a positive sense. These include the Terra Montosa […] Its bouquet is characterised by yellow fruit, lemon peel and quinces, while the palate is very taut, subtly smoky, dense, concentrated and very grippy. […] The Pfaffenwies Riesling, which Theresa Breuer only added to the single-vineyard portfolio with the 2020 vintage, is more persistent and powerful than ever. […] A very strong collection!”

Ratings: 2022 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2022 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2022 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2022 Lorch Pfaffenwies 94 points, 2022 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 92 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 89 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 88 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Lorch „Estate“ 89 points, 2022 Riesling trocken „GB Sauvage“ 88 points

Eichelmann 2024 – Deutschlands Weine

5 Grapes: “From the organically cultivated top sites, truly unique wines of almost unrivalled coherence are created here in the harmonious triad between vine, place and man. All of the wines, from the entry-level „Estate“ Riesling to the top sites interpretations, are incredibly catchy and yet complex and unmistakable – as if composed in the spirit of Mozart. Theresa Breuer has been running the legendary 38-hectare winery, which is primarily planted with Riesling, at the very highest level for around 20 years with production manager Hermann Schmoranz and cellar master Markus Lundén.”

Ratings: 2022 Nonnenberg 5 grapes, 2022 Lorch Pfaffenwies 5 grapes, 2022 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 4 grapes, 2022 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 3 grapes, 2022 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 3 grapes

Gault Millau, Weinguide Deutschland – Die besten Weine 2024

4,5 Stars: “The hot and dry summer of 2022 put the vines in Rüdesheimer Berg under particular stress. And this is where Theresa Breuer’s best wines always come from. For us, the quality achieved by the Schlossberg, especially in this vintage, is admirable. Nonnenberg and Pfaffenwies are currently perhaps just ahead […] And we particularly liked the [Pfaffenwies] this year with its juicy, animating style […] Last year we were able to taste a meltingly ripe 2018 [Berg Roseneck], which is now followed by a juicy 2017 characterised by smoky ripeness and notes of green nuts.”

Ratings: 2022 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2022 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2022 Berg Rottland 92 points, 2022 Lorch Pfaffenwies 93 points, 2017 Berg Roseneck 91 points, 2022 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 90 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 89 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 89 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Lorch „Estate“ 91 points, 2022 Riesling trocken „GB Sauvage“ 86 P points unkte

Vinum 2024 – Weinguide Deutschland

5 Stars: „What you can expect from the Breuer winery has been clear for years: Theresa Breuer, Hermann Schmoranz and Markus Lundén have a refined sense of style (and skill) that stands for deceleration and the value of nuance: their wines do without flavour enhancers and without loudspeakers and yet are so rich. The wines of the 2022 vintage are no exception. Perhaps it’s no surprise that we see the cool Rauenthaler „Estate“ Riesling as ideal in the warm year of 2022 and make it our tip.“

Ratings: 2022 Rauenthal Nonnenberg 96 points, 2017 Berg Roseneck 95+ points, 2022 Lorch Pfaffenwies 93+ points, 2022 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 93 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 92 points, 2022 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 92 points

Falstaff Wein Guide Deutschland 2024

5 Stars: “[…] Rarely were we allowed to taste such challenging wines already in the base, which promise a lot of aging potential with their acid structure; like the entire collection, they combine power with finesse and lightness. […] The wine from the Lorch Pfaffenwies is lean, punchy and long, the Riesling from the Berg Rottland trumps with intense yellow fruits in the bouquet, then is sparse, precise and straightforward. The wine from the Rauenthaler Nonnenberg is smoky, concentrated, complex and persistent in the mouth. The Berg Schlossberg Riesling shows yellow fruit on the nose, then notes of Granny Smith and allspice in the mouth, is wonderfully precise and punchy. […] The two 2018 Rieslings underline once again that Theresa Breuer’s wines have immense ripening potential and secondly that they also shine in difficult years, especially the Berg Roseneck, which appears increasingly tart, precise and persistent with air – typical Breuer: A great wine and a great collection! […]”

Ratings: 2021 Berg Schlossberg 94 points, 2021 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2021 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2018 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2021 Lorch Pfaffenwies 93 points, 2018 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa patientia“ 92 points, 2021 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 92 points, 2021 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 90 points, 2021 Riesling trocken Lorch „Estate“ 90 points

Eichelmann 2023 – Deutschlands Weine

5 Stars: “Theresa Breuer’s collection and likewise her wines are imbued with clarity. This begins with the wines of the “Estate” series, which present the flavorful brand essence of the villages of Rüdesheim, Rauenthal and Lorch on a silver platter. There is nothing contrived about it, everything seems to have become that way by itself. Certainly a Herculean effort is behind such sovereignty – everywhere in the team. The single-vineyard wines then increase the expression, the extract, the ripeness. But they also always maintain moderation and preserve the aesthetics of proportion. Great!”

Ratings: 2020 Berg Schlossberg 97+ points, 2020 Rauenthal Nonnenberg 96+ points, 2021 Lorch Pfaffenwies 94 points, 2021 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 92+ points, 2021 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 91+ points

Falstaff Wein Guide 2023

4,5 Stars: “In any case, the complex 2021 Berg Schlossberg is at the top of the terroir wines with deep fruit, closely followed by the Nonnenberg and Pfaffenwies. […] The series of Rheingau Rieslings begins, as every year, with the crisp, juicy base wine Sauvage GB. All three local wines pleased us well in their light, emphatically crisp manner. The mineral-clear, in the fragrance restrained Lorcher is perhaps the primus inter pares. […] The growths from the Berg Roseneck are always presented only with bottle maturity, and this late release is not necessarily chronological. Last year we were able to taste a powerful 2015, which is now followed by the meltingly ripe 2018, underlining once again how well 2018 turned out here. […]”

Ratings: 2018 Berg Roseneck 94 points, 2021 Nonnenberg 93 points, 2021 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2021 Pfaffenwies 93 points, 2016 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2018 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa patientia“ 92 points, 2021 Rüdesheimer Riesling trocken „Estate“ 90 points, 2021 Rauenthaler Riesling trocken „Estate“ 90 points, 2021 Löcher Riesling trocken „Estate“ 90 points, 2020 Riesling trocken „GB Sauvage“ 86 points, 2020 Spätburgunder trocken 92 points

Vinum Wein Guide Deutschland 2023

5 Stars: “After the takeover of the Lorch winery Altenkirch, the Falstaff editorial team has a new favourite in the Breuer range: the Riesling from the Lorch site Pfaffenwies declines the well-known detached style of the winery towards a piquancy and coolness that can probably only be achieved in Lorch. And the “Estate Series” of local Rieslings is no longer a duo, but a trio. And what a trio it is! Our tip is the Rüdesheim “Estate”, but Lorch and Rauenthal follow on its heels. From the Rüdesheimer Berg, we tasted the 2015 Berg Roseneck: pure delicacy!”

Ratings: 2015 Berg Roseneck 97 points, 2020 Lorch Pfaffenwies 94 points, 2020 Riesling trocken “Terra Montosa” 93+ points, 2020 Riesling trocken Lorch “Estate” 92+ points, 2020 Riesling trocken Rauenthal “Estate” 92 points

Falstaff Wein Guide 2022

5 Stars: “[…] Nowhere else in the Rheingau are fullness and finesse as close together as here, from the Gutswein to the Berg Schlossberg. […] Terra Montosa is, as always, a safe bet and, with its on the one hand sparse-edged, but on the other hand accessible juicy character, also very accessible when young – a genuine Breuer signature wine to drink now. […] The 2015 Riesling from the Berg Roseneck shows how excellently Theresa Breuer’s Rieslings can mature. The aromatic impressions of yellow fruits, herbs or citrus, which are always somewhat diffuse in young, structurally accentuated top Rieslings, have fanned out over the years. Now, crystal-clear aromas of sorrel, lemon balm, lemon juice and very subtle bergamot emerge. Despite its five years of bottle maturity, the wine is youthful, lacy and filigree with a punchy style that slowly begins to reveal a creamy texture. […]”

Ratings: 2020 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2020 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2015 Berg Roseneck 95 points, 2020 Nonnenberg 92 points, 2020 Lorch Pfaffenwies 91 points, 2020 Riesling trocken “Terra Montosa” 92 points, 2020 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim “Estate” 90 points, 2020 Riesling trocken Lorch “Estate” 89 points

Eichelmann 2022 – Deutschlands Weine

4,5 Stars: “A very good collection, in which the estate’s internal site hierarchy comes into its own without restriction. […] The flawless series of Rheingau Rieslings begins, as every year, with the crisp, juicy base wine Sauvage GB. […] The Pfaffenwies presents itself much more openly with fruit and floral notes as well as a deep, mineral character. The compact Nonnenberg already develops very well in the glass and is extremely promising. With ripe spicy apple, aromatic appeal, juice, play and animating mineral length, the great Schlossberg sets the final point. […]”

Ratings: 2020 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2020 Berg Schlossberg 94 points, 2020 Berg Rottland 92 points, 2015 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2016 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2020 Pfaffenwies 93 points, 2020 Riesling trocken “Terra Montosa” 92 points, 2020 Rüdesheimer Riesling trocken “Estate” 90 points, 2020 Riesling trocken “GB Sauvage” 86 points, 2019 Spätburgunder trocken 92 points

Vinum Wein Guide Deutschland 2022

“Although she likes to be praised in the media as a “superwoman”, the 37-year-old proves that she has her feet firmly on the ground. Not so easy when you produce Rieslings that cause worldwide jubilation.”

Vinum Magazin für Weinkultur, 1/2 2022

4,5F: “[…] This year’s collection is again consistently impressive. The winemaker stands for terroir Rieslings and does so with a consistency that makes them the best in their region. Already the basis is a safe bank. The local wines from Lorch, Rauenthal and Rüdesheim impressively show the fine terroir differences. […] The Riesling Berg Roseneck from 2015 shows how unbelievably long Breuer’s wines stay young: a monument of youthfulness and still at the beginning of its development.”

Der Feinschmecker – Die 500 besten Winzer in Deutschland 2022

4,5 Stars: “Also the 2019 vintage are excellent here and are in no way inferior to the excellent 2018s. The flawless range of Rheingau Rieslings begins with the crisp and clear Sauvage and Charm out of the base segment, leads via the local wines and the again very successful Montosa to impressive plants from the Rauenthaler Nonnenberg and the single sites of the Rüdesheimer Berg. […] The new cru from Pfaffenwies shows itself yellow-fruity, with a juicy tartness and a grainy finish. But the classics are still clearly ahead for us at the moment. For example the juicy, mineral Berg Rottland or the Nonnenberg that unifies spicy apple, juicy tartness, depth and length: a wine that rests in itself and that reveals all its strengths when you give it some air. This year, the Berg Schlossberg is also fully back. It typically combines mineral melt, ripe apples, roasted nuts and a deep, dignified style. […]” Ratings: 2019 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2019 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2019 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2015 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2016 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2019 Pfaffenwies 91 points, 2019 Riesling trocken “Terra Montosa” 91 points

Vinum WeinGuide Deutschland 2021

5 Grapes: “[…] Nonnenberg (Monopol), a monument of sheer unfathomable depth, both in the complex interwoven aromatics and in the heartiness of the taste with a juicy sweet core and an ultra-fine finish, with a decades-long perspective. […]”

Ratings: 2019 Rauenthaler Nonnenberg Riesling 98–100 points, 2019 Lorcher Pfaffenwies Riesling 95–97 points, 2019 Riesling “Terra Montosa” 91–92 points, 2019 Riesling Rüdesheim “Estate” 90 points, 2019 Riesling Lorch “Estate” 90 points, 2018 Spätburgunder Pinot Noir 90 points

Gault&Millau Wein Guide Deutschland 2021

5 Stars: “With insistence and stilistic sensitiveness Theresa Breuer over the past years has created a Riesling style that became legendary: mineral and reduced to the essential and yet with inner wealth – and, as one knows, with a reliable ability of ageing. Fascinating as usual the two-tone of Schlossberg and Nonnenberg form the top of their selection: While the 2018 Schlossberg still appears almost shy the Nonnenberg shows with coolish depth why the wines from Rauenthal used to be the most wanteds in former times. Brilliant!”

Ratings: 2018 Berg Schlossberg 94 points, 2018 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2018 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2018 Riesling trocken “Terra Montosa” 91 points, 2018 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim “Estate” 91 points, 2017 Spätburgunder – Pinot Noir trocken 92 points

Falstaff WeinGuide 2020

5 Grapes: “[…] How close [the team] looks at the course of the seasons shows us the 2013 Rüdesheim Berg Roseneck. A vintage that, when being harvested, even wine promoters could not describe as a good one: that year’s spring was cool, summer so-so and when it would not stop raining in autumn the only thing one could do was to save what was left. […] The Roseneck anyhow brings, in the context of its maturation, fascinating and unique flavours to the nose and is much less fruitier but dinstinctly zesty and mineral. At the palate however it convinces with straightly austere grounding and a challenging acidity along with firm minerals. Well, that is how a mature Riesling tastes nowadays when its vintage has not been particularly spoiled by sun.”

Ratings: 2018 Berg Schlossberg 95 points, 2018 Rauenthaler Nonnenberg Riesling 95 points, 2017 Rüdesheimer Berg Rottland Riesling 94 points, 2013 Rüdesheimer Berg Roseneck Riesling 95 points, 2017 Riesling Terra Montosa 90 points, 2018 Riesling Sauvage 87 points, 2017 Spätburgunder – Pinot Noir 92 points, 2017 Spätburgunder GB Rouge 88 points

Gault&Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2020

5 Stars: “… In 2016 Theresa Breuer and her team again present a collection of elemental, mineral wines that convince from base to top also because they boast a stilistic and qualitative continuity that release from vintage qualities and at the same time carry them kaleidoscopic. … The Terra Montosa gets us a step closer to the great wines of the estate. It is full-bodied, catchy and very delicate all at once. … Berg Schlossberg finally is the top of the class among the three impressive terroir wines. …”

Ratings: 2016 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2016 Nonnenberg 91 points, 2016 Berg Rottland 91 points, 2016 Riesling trocken „Terra Montosa“ 90 points, 2016 Riesling trocken Rauenthal „Estate“ 88 points, 2016 Riesling trocken Rüdesheim „Estate“ 88 points

Eichelmann 2018 – Deutschlands Weine

4 Grapes: “The 2015 collection is convincing. Good village wines, high-class Crus and delicate noble sweets affirm the estates position at the Rheingau peak. … Just a few german winemakers understand how to produce storable, dry Riesling such as that team does. …”

Ratings: 2015 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2008 Berg Schlossberg 95 points, 2008 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2015 Nonnenberg 92 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2017

5 Stars: “… The basis level of the 2015 vintage is again impressively high and also the Crus enthuse as usual, they shine with precision not alcohol. … The Rüdesheim Estate Riesling is spicy and insistent, clear-cut and gripping, well structured and fruity. … The Riesling of Berg Rottland often finds itself in the shade of Berg Schlossberg and Nonnenberg – without any good reason! In this year we had the opportunity to taste a mini verticale of Berg Rottland – we were excited. The wine shows an obvious handwriting, has its own identity, gains precision, force and sustainability with some more ripeness. … Also the Orleans is very fascinating, full-bodied, powerful, with amazing wealth, good structure and substance. …”

Ratings: 2015 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2015 Nonnenberg 90 points, 2014 Berg Rottland 91 points, 2015 Riesling Auslese Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg 92 points, 2015 Riesling dry „Terra Montosa“ 89 points

Eichelmann 2017 – Deutschlands Weine

“Five wines, five strikes: Theresa Breuer, Falstaff Winemaker of the year 2016, is also showing with her current producing why she has been awarded. Her Rieslings are of chrystalline brilliance, uncompromisingly worked on their ability to ripen, highly condensed and thereby lightweight in alcohol. Puristic and yet sensual. Even a comparatively well-priced label as “Terra Montosa” delivers you classy drinking pleasure. And because we already started rhapsodizing: The Pinot Noir plays in the same league as the Rieslings do.”

Falstaff WeinGuide 2017

“ … The most inspiring moment on how Theresa Breuer leads the estate is how congenial she traces the brand’s core, how she absorbs it and carries it forward. By doing that her – if one can say so – reflected youthful unconcern grants the brightest glint to tradition it could ever receive: the shine of recreation. And that in a way in which the old is not outworn but in tune with a new epoch.” Falstaff Wine Trophy 2016 for Theresa Breuer: Vintner of the Year.

Falstaff ProWein Spezial 2016

Refreshed tradition: Theresa Breuer With only 20 years of age she followed her father – and increased quality. … Read more on

4 Grapes: “ … But most notably the portfolio’s top is above any reproach. That are razor-sharp transparent Rieslings, showing tremendously plenty of character and origin. Cool mountain wines with mineral substance and, corresponding to the vintage, a gripping acid structure. Embossed by classic development. Reduced fruit, built entirely on the mineral side, enthralling structure with an authentic Riesling acidity. Puristic without any distractions the Breuer team makes the Rüdesheim and Rauenthal mounts sound in all their facets even with the 2014 vintage being not as easy. …”

Ratings: 2014 Berg Schlossberg 95 points (Top Ten), 2014 Berg Rottland 93 points, 2014 Nonnenberg 91 points, 2013 Spätburgunder trocken „B“ 89 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2016

5 Stars: “ … The dry 2014 Rieslings inspire — and in that vintage one would not have necessarily expected that in that width. Already “Sauvage” is well-made and the “Estate” wines from Rauenthal and Rüdesheim are on a remarkable high level, they appear vigorous and spicy and are yet light and subtle. In the tops the estate places a grasping Nonnenberg with echoes on gooseberries and the puristic, pleasing dry, salty-spicy Schlossberg Riesling, one of the vintage’s best Rieslings in Germany … The red wines of Georg Breuer are often outshined by the whites but one should not underrate them. The common Pinot Noir and its barrel aged pendant exhibit elegance and subtlety. The common Pinot Noir holds a lovely cherry fruit and earthy-spicy notes, the Pinot Noir – Spätburgunder “B” is not hidden by the wood, solid and structured.”

Ratings: 2014 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2014 Nonnenberg 92 points, 2014 Berg Rottland 90 points, 2013 Spätburgunder trocken „B“ 89 points

Eichelmann 2016 – Deutschlands Weine

“… One of the producers who would have been on that list of great wines a generation ago is on this list today. I rated the 1990 Berg Schlossberg Riesling from the Georg Breuer estate in Rüdesheim/Rheingau 90-91 points when I first tasted it from cask back in the late spring of 1991. It was made by Bernhard Breuer who died in 2004. The 2015 of the same wine was made by his daughter Theresa and scores a 97 on today’s hit list. …”

1. DÖNNHOFF, Riesling Nahe Hermannshöhe Niederhausen GG 2015
2. DR. LOOSEN, Riesling Mosel Erdener Prälat „GG Reserve“ 2012
3. GEORG BREUER, Rheingau Riesling Berg Schlossberg 2015

… Read more on, 2016

„ … Das große Thema bei Breuers ist lagerfähiger, trockener Riesling. Und zwar leichter. Ein Höchstmaß an Komplexität bei einem Minimum an Alkohol. … Die Rieslinge des Hauses sind schlank, geschliffen, mineralisch, duften nach Zitrus, hellem Pfirsich und Sommerwiese. Auch der „Terra Montosa“ – übersetzt: steile Erde. … Kaufen Sie niemals nur eine Flasche davon. Sie werden immer eine zweite brauchen. Mindestens.“

„111 deutsche Weine, die man getrunken haben muss“, Carsten Henn, emons Verlag

„Georg Breuer – that is a name that carries weight far beyond the Rheingau. Above all, the single-vineyard wines from Berg Rotland and Schlossberg have been considered icons of the region for many years and enjoy absolute cult status. Following in the footsteps of her father, who sadly passed away much too early, Theresa Breuer now runs the winery – and does so with such passion that any fears that the class of the wines might diminish have vanished into thin air. Whether site wines or Rieslings like the „Sauvage“ or „Rauenthal Estate“ – the standards are set here. Respect!“

Falstaff WeinGuide 2016

„ … Theresa Breuer makes terrific Rieslings that are being sold all over the world. The young winemaker leads the renowned estate Georg Breuer from Rüdesheimer following the device: „Tradition is transfer of fire no preservation of the ashes.“ …“

Sehnsucht Deutschland, 01/2016

4 Grapes – The estate is recommended by Gault&Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2015: “The current range sees the Breuers defending their position as one of the best in the Rheingau region. We are pleased to see that this familyowned estate in Rüdesheim, with its long tradition, has in recent years not only maintained its quality, but has recently – certainly in the case of the dry, site-specific Riesling wines – even further improved the quality. Bernhard Breuer’s youngest daughter Theresa now has sole responsibility for the estate, supported by the long-standing general manager Hermann Schmoranz as well as the young cellar master Markus Lundén. The estate has worked in accordance with organic principles since 2010. As in the past, most of the wines are produced to taste dry.” Ratings: 2013 Berg Schlossberg 93 points (Top 10), 2013 Nonnenberg 92 points, 2013 Berg Roseneck 93 points, 2013 Berg Rottland 91 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2015

5 Sterne: „ … Die 2013er wollen über längere Zeit gewürdigt werden. Mit verblüffend niedrigen Alkoholgradationen sind sie elegante, feine, eigenwillige Rieslinge, die gleichwohl verblüffend gut den Charakter der Lagen widerspiegeln. …“ Ratings: 2013 Berg Schlossberg 92 points, 2013 Nonnenberg 90+ points, 2013 Berg Roseneck 89+ points, 2013 Berg Rottland 91 points, 2013 Terra Montosa 89 points, 2013 Riesling Auslese 91 points

Eichelmann 2015 – Deutschlands Weine

2013 Georg Breuer Rüdesheimer Berg Schlossberg Riesling Trocken: “Theresa Breuer’s 9th vintage of the Rudesheimer Berg Schlossberg Riesling trocken since the early death of her father Bernhard appears straw yellow and offers an amazingly clear, fresh, deep and dusty-mineral aroma of lime chutney along with pure rocky flavors. The impressive precision and density on the nose leads to a pure, full-bodied, penetrating mineral though elegant and piquant wine that is as clear as a bell and shaped by a searing acidity and an extremely long and citric finish. Clearly a long-distance runner, I would not start drinking it before 2019 but I’d be happy to have enough to enjoy this wine for a decade then.”

Stephan Reinhardt for, October 2014

No. 2 of Top-20-Sparkling Wines from Germany: „The crown jewel among sparkling wines comes from the Rheingau. Of course, first and foremost the Pinot from the magnum with the porcelain label is meant. Its minerality and length, its creaminess and silkiness are convincing, Theresa Breuer does a top job.”

Falstaff, 01/2014

„Mit der aktuellen Kollektion behaupten die Breuers ihre Spitzenposition im Rheingau. Es freut uns sehr, dass dieser traditionsreiche Rüdesheimer Familienbetrieb in den vergangenen Jahren sein Qualitätsniveau behaupten und zuletzt – jedenfalls bei den geschmacklich trockenen Lagenrieslingen – sogar weiter ausbauen konnte. …” Ratings: 2012 Nonnenberg 92 points (Top 10), 2012 Berg Rottland 93 points (Top 10), 2012 Berg Schlossberg 92 points, 2012 Berg Roseneck 92 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2014

Ratings: 2012 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2012 Nonnenberg 92 points, 2012 Berg Rottland 91 points, 2012 Berg Roseneck 91 points Rating Estate Georg Breuer: 5 of 5 possible stars

Eichelmann 2014 – Deutschlands Weine

„ … Theresa Breuer’s wines from the 2007 vintage onwards are at least as fine and elegant as those of her father. She is his worthy and extremely capable successor.” Hitlist: Best Take-over

Fine Special No 2 – New Generation, 11/2013

„Wer das Glück hat, Theresa Breuer zu erleben, der fragt sich, wo diese quirlige, schmale Person mit den dunklen Haaren die Kraft hernimmt, die Fröhlichkeit, die Leidenschaft. Vielleicht hat es etwas mit den Rebstöcken zu tun, die hier in den steilsten Lagen des Rheingaus wachsen. Und deren Wurzeln besonders tief in den Boden gehen. Als der Vater Bernhard Breuer im Mai 2004 völlig überraschend im Alter von 57 Jahren starb, hatte er aus dem 1880 gegründeten Weingut Georg Breuer eines der besten Deutschlands gemacht. Seine Tochter musste (und wollte!) das Rennen fortsetzen – ohne Aufwärmphase und Anlauf. Sie studierte Internationale Weinwirtschaft und arbeitete gleichzeitig im Weingut, mit Unterstützung führte sie das Weingut innerhalb von zehn Jahren wieder an die absolute Spitze unter den Rheingauer, ja unter den deutschen Gütern.“

DIE ZEIT Weinedition „Rheingau“, 2013
Zeitverlag Gerd Bucerius, Hamburg

VivArt – Magazin für Lebensart, Frankfurt & Taunus, Frühjahr 2013
Agentur Cicero, Wiesbaden

„ … Wie gut das Breuer-Team es versteht, den Rüdesheimer Berg mit all seinen Facetten zum Klingen zu bringen, zeigen uns die allesamt präzise heraus­gearbeiteten Rieslinge aus den Rüdesheimer Steillagen. …” Ratings: 2011 Nonnenberg 94 points, 2011 Berg Schlossberg 93 points, 2011 Berg Schlossberg Auslese Goldkapsel 93 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2013

“… Over the years, Theresa’s wines have become better and finer. Much as I liked Bernhard Breuer’s characterful, gripping, yet often austere and slightly phenolic wines, I find Theresa’s range more brilliant, elegant, and pure, and fruitier and better balanced. …”

“The Finest Wines of Germany”, Stephan Reinhardt / Hugh Johnson, 2012
Fine Wine Editions, Aurum Press Ltd, London

„Den Lille Vinsmager“, Mads Rudolf, 2012 Kuboaa Press, Dänemark
avec, 2012 Helsinki, Finland
„… Der 1998er (Nonnenberg) hat den Vorteil, dass er aus der Magnum kommt. Das hat ihm eine Frische bewahrt, die man aus der 0,75 Liter-Flasche nicht mehr erwarten darf. Die Nase zeigt reife, satte Würze von einem Apfel- und Quittengelee, das mit Muskat und Zimt verfeinert wurde. Auch Zitrusabrieb und nasser Schieferstein strömen aus dem Glas. Das Glas sollte groß sein – für viel Luft und den großen Schluck! Am Gaumen ein kompakter, kräftiger Wein, der an große Elsässer erinnert. Eine Mischung aus saftiger, mundfüllender Frucht und kühler Würze und Spannung. …“ … Weiterlesen auf – Die Wein-Tageszeitung im Netz, 2011

„Fülle und Kraft, Frucht und Komplexität, Mineralität und Nachhaltigkeit, und alles in einem Wein.“ – Berg Schlossberg 2008 is rated a „Classic“. And beyond: Georg Breuer is rated with 5 stars out of 5.

Eichelmann 2010 – Deutschlands Weine

The Magazine „Weinwirtschaft“ votes Terra Montosa 2008 White Wine of the Year 2010.

„4-Trauben-Betrieb“ in Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2010

„Der Riesling Sauvage 2008 von Georg Breuer ist ein Rheinwein mit Körper. Das ist in diesem Jahr recht selten, denn 2008 bleibt manch Wässerchen sehr dünn. …“ … Read more on – Die Wein-Tageszeitung im Netz, 2009

„Die neue Kollektion ist bärenstark. Bei den trockenen Rieslingen erweist sich der Nonnenberg als einer der größten Rieslinge des Jahrgangs in Deutschland.“

Eichelmann 2006 – Deutschlands Weine

„Die Nadja Auermann unter den deutschen Rieslingen – groß, aber schlank, willensstark, absolut selbständig … und gnadenlos schön.“

„Stuart Pigotts kleiner genialer Weinführer“, 2006

„Breuer setzt vor allem auf klassische, trockene Rheingauer Rieslinge mit feinen Aromen und eleganter Struktur. In Rüdesheim wachsen die typischen Breuerschen Rieslinge mit exzellenter Säurestruktur, dichter Frucht und stoffigem Körper.“ – Höchstwertung 5 F

Der Feinschmecker, Weinführer 2005

„Die 2003er Kollektion bietet wieder eine Vielzahl faszinierender Weine, trocken wie edelsüß.“ Ratings: 2002 Spätburgunder „B“ 90 points, 2003 Nonnenberg Auslese Goldkapsel 94 points, 2003 Nonnenberg TBA 94 points

Eichelmann 2005 – Deutschlands Weine

„Bernhard Breuer hat der Weinwelt einen exzellenten Jahrgang 2003 hinterlassen, in dem nicht nur die großen trockenen Rieslinge überzeugen.“ Ratings: 2003 Berg Schlossberg Auslese Goldkapsel 91 points, 2003 Berg Schlossberg 91 points, 2003 Nonnenberg TBA 93 points, 2003 Berg Schlossberg TBA 94 points

Gault Millau WeinGuide Deutschland 2005

„ … in den letzten Jahren zweifellos der zuverlässigste Weinmacher im ganzen Rheingau.“ Ratings: 2003 Berg Roseneck 96 points, 2003 Berg Schlossberg TBA 97 points, 2003 Berg Schlossberg 98 points, 2003 Nonnenberg 99 points – Deutschlands Internetweinführer

„ … the finest German Riesling trocken I´ve ever drunk: Georg Breuers superb 2002 Berg Schlossberg from imperial. An aroma so outpouring, so celestial and a flavour of such subtlety and length that one wondered how such grapes could be grown, such wine made. It almost made me forget the cold.”

Decanter, Juni 2005 – Michael Broadbent

„Weine von Georg Breuer sind vielleicht die langlebigsten aus den Rheingauer Spitzenlagen.“

Vinum, März 2005

„Früh spezialisierte sich Breuer vor allem auf die Erzeugung durchgegorener Rieslinge und avancierte in dieser Disziplin bald zu einem der führenden deutschen Erzeuger.“ Ratings: 2003 Berg Rottland 89 points, 2003 Nonnenberg 89 points, 2003 Berg Schlossberg 91 points

Alles über Wein, 1/2005