„I wish to produce wines that make the specific characteristics of their origin visible“ – this was Bernhard Breuer’s motto, and it is still our guide for our daily work in the vineyard.

    To truly connect our wines with their origin, we decided over the last few years to cultivate all our vineyards according to nature-orientated wine-growing guidelines.
    This decision was made with the goal in mind, to change the vineyard-ecosystem from mono culture to biological diversity, in order to maintain and support the fertility of the ground.
    We came to know and understand our vineyards in a new and more intense way by managing them nature-orientated.
    We realized that we are getting even closer to achieving our aim of producing grapes which carry the taste of their homeland origin!

    The guidelines for environmentally friendly and close to nature viticulture serve the purpose to make wine-growing sustainable. Therefore we do not use herbicides and pesticides. Rather, the strengthening of the plants is paramount for us.
    The working of the soil is carried out according to the actual requirements of the vines.
    Instead of using chemical fertiliser, we plant leguminous plants, which produce and regulate Nitrogen.

    As part of our efforts to preserve biodiversity, we are part of the AmBiTo project. AmBiTo is a Germany-wide project to strengthen biodiversity in viticulture: staffed by experts from the fields of viticulture, sustainability certification and science, regionally and individually adapted biodiversity measures are developed, tested and implemented together with the winegrowers.
    Further information on the project can be found at www.ambito.eco.


    Our estate belongs to the first members of FAIR and GREEN.

    For more information check the website of “FAIR and GREENwww.fair-and-green.de.
    The Fair’n Green webshop „natu:rlich Wein – einfach nachhaltig genießen“ can be found under www.natuerlich-wein.de.